Search Capital City News Archives (2012 to present)

1) To Search by Topic or Name, simply type in the name of the topic, such as Parkview Football, or the name of the person, such as Rick Edmonds, in the line entitled Search E-Editions. Then hit Search. The search should produce the pages where that topic or name appears in the Capital City News since 2012. Click on the icon of one of those pages, and the page should come up full screen. All pages for that specific edition will appear on the right.
2) To Search for a Particular Edition, go to Advanced Search and Dates. Put in the beginning and ending date for that particular edition. For best results, put your date range as an entire month. For example, if the edition was in March 2013, put in March 1, 2013, as the start date and March 31, 2013 as the end date. To quickly go to a year other than 2017, click on 2017 and a range of years will appear. Click on the year you want.